Market Demand

Market Demand

The Scandinavian market

Already Scandinavians are flocking by the thousands to the Algarve to take advantage of a better climate and the NHR tax regime created by Portugal some five years ago to attract new residents.  Thanks to double tax treaties with the Scandinavian countries most of the income of retirees that settle in Portugal under the NHR scheme become tax free.

Valhalla is launching sales operations in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Finland presenting retirees with an opportunity to live in Scandinavian communities in the Algarve where they meet people from similar background and can fell right at home.

Valhalla Paradis will operate an events company in the Algarve that will coordinate various activities and events to help the retirees settle in, make contacts and interact with other Scandinavians. We have studied as a raw model the highly successful Finish retirement settlement in Fungeriola Spain where thousands of Finns have settled in recent years.

The Icelandic market

There has been a recent significant growth of Icelanders moving temporarily or permanently overseas. Spain has been a popular destination for it´s warmer climate. In the first 10 months of 2017, over 200 Icelanders acquired property in Spain.

However, the cheaper cost of living and significant tax breaks on offer by buying to retire in Portugal , is creating a huge interest from potential buyers.  Market Research information carried out by Valhalla Paradis, clearly demonstrates a huge interest in buying in Portugal from Icelanders. That research also suggests a desire to buy and live in Icelandic / Scandinavian communities, so there is need for Residential Property stock to be available in clusters of units, being gated communities or developments or Apartment schemes.

Valhalla Paradis seeks to acquire and develop block stock to sell into the Icelandic and Scandinavian markets

Thor Magnusson , through his International business selling Motor Vehicles into the Icelandic market through Telephone and Internet campaigns alone, has carried out initial market test research which, has indicated strong sales demand.

Sales origination will be carried out through this Internet sales medium, supported by Public Relations and Events, Social media campaigns, Radio and Television Advertising, all of which Thor Magnusson has a huge amount of success and experience.

Opportunities to maximise Buyer Demand from the Icelandic Market will occur through 2018 and 2019, as the realisation of the Tax and Lifestyle benefits of Retirees buying in Portugal becomes highly publicised. This, coupled with the point that at present we are not aware of any competitor organisation seeking to develop this product and market.

Our aim is to acquire Residential Real Estate that can be sold quickly into the market. The Strategy is to buy finished or near finished Developments facilitating buyer occupancy early in 2018, and smaller new build schemes on easy to build development plots, that can be completed inside 12 – 18 months  and that can be pre-sold off plan.


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